Take me to Ibiza

Picturesque landscapes, elusively beautiful beaches and tranquil fishing villages – this impression comes back to my mind, when I think of Ibiza. I remember that I always wanted to go there, while I still was a young child, since I had seen a beautifully designed coffee-table book about the island. I only knew Mallorca like the back of my hand because I had been traveling there for countless times. But now it was time to discover something new. So I decided to go for Ibiza.

Sant Antoni

„Sobre Ibiza: El paisaje más virgen que jamás he encontrado.“ ~ Walter Benjamin (1932)

German philosopher and essayist Walter Benjamin lived in Sant Antoni for a couple of months in 1932 and admired the untouched nature. Nowadays there are hundreds of large hotel complexes but the seashore still atomizes its charme and especially in the months of March, April and May vacationers can glory in the calmer times before the main season in summer attracts hordes of people.

„Color is single, not as a lifeless thing and a rigid individuality but as a winged creature that flits from one form to the next.“ ~ Walter Benjamin

The esplanade of the harbour is a great place to watch boats, listen to the water fountains in the background or walk over to the „egg of Columbus“.

In the evening, when the sun is slowly flooding, the atmosphere turns this place into a miraculous scene.

„It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.“ ~ Bern Williams

Eivissa / Ibiza City

Interwoven houses coloured in white and ochre embellish the steep rocks that lead to the fortress wall and the magnificent cathedral.

Crimson-coloured building, located in Dalt Villa
The fortress wall of Dalt Villa

While walking in the direction of the upper city, which is called Dalt Villa and represents all the historical monuments, you can let yourself be fascinated by this spectacular panorama.

The ancient fishing district Sa Penya and the old waterfront La Marina are located downtown.

„The art of storytelling is reaching its end because the epic side of truth, wisdom, is dying out.“ ~ Walter Benjamin

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